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Mistakes – Some of the Best Lessons

In our effort to be perfect and to do our best, we create many mistakes and failures along the way.

In my many years of sales and management, I have participated in more Loss Reviews than I care to discuss. The investment in this exercise can have great value if done openly and honestly.  But that return can only come if you apply the lessons learned to actionable tasks to minimize repetition.  I think we can all agree that this is easier said than done!  This exercise can be used in our personal lives with similar improvement and happiness.  The key, again, is honesty with execution.Winston Churchill quote - wise men learn from mistakes

One of the blogs I follow is by John O’Leary. I’ve been following him for a few years.  His relationship with Jack Buck was actually the subject of one of our past posts.

This week, he talked about this particular challenge with a real-life experience of his own.  Here is the YouTube video he posted on missing Jack Buck’s funeral and the lesson that taught him.

We all face challenges in our personal and business lives.  Those have now been expanded exponentially by many new ones resulting from the pandemic.


Paul J Meyer Quote - a mistake is an assetIt is a great time to review our mistakes and failures – and then leverage them into something better.  Stories like John’s serve as good examples as to how to navigate them and the results they can produce.

Now is also an excellent time to review the state of your organization’s fixed assets.  For over twenty years, we’ve been helping organizations hone their asset data and gain additional returns on those investments.  Contact us, and we’ll show you how our team and our mobilePLUS solution can help you too.

Regardless, we are praying for all of you, your families, and your communities during this difficult time.