mobilePLUS for FI$Cal

Did you know that there is an easy way to conduct your asset inventory audits? And work with FI$Cal?

FI$Cal has a lot of functionality – so much so it can get overwhelming. Whether your team has recently rolled on to FI$Cal or you’ve been working with it for a few years – there always seems to be something new that you may not have realized possible.

A mobile solution for your fixed asset inventory is another one of those things.

mobilePLUS for FI$Cal is the official fixed asset inventory solution for FI$Cal. It is fully integrated with FI$Cal, and it enables your team to use a mobile device (instead of a clipboard & spreadsheets) to conduct your inventories.

Why Focus on Inventories?

Inventories are rarely a task that anyone gets excited about.  They take time.  They can be frustrating when assets aren’t where they are supposed to be.  They often take people out of their primary tasks to complete.  In short, they may be put off, glossed over, rushed, or in some cases – or not done at all because there are so many other things to get done.

But the fact remains that asset reporting is an essential part of understanding the status of the State’s assets.  So no matter how we feel about conducting inventories – we have to do it to ensure we know what we own.

mobilePLUS makes FI$Cal inventories Easy

If a task is easy, it gets done – and usually done right.  Conducting your inventories doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process.  mobilePLUS for FI$Cal enables you to run your inventories with a mobile device (maybe even one you already own).

mobilePLUS for FI$Cal is a complete solution that is designed to help you to run your inventory tasks quickly, easily, and electronically – collecting everything that FI$Cal needs and communicating that information directly into FI$Cal.

No clipboards. No rework. No tedious data entry.

How does mobilePLUS for FI$Cal work?

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    Instead of printing out information on your assets, mobilePLUS can communicate electronically with FI$Cal to get the data that each of your users needs to complete the inventory.
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    mobilePLUS operates on mobile devices, guiding the inventory team through their count and providing them with additional information along the way to make the task easier for them. No more spreadsheets & clipboards.
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    Once they’re finished, mobilePLUS takes the information that the team collected on their devices and sends it right back to FI$Cal– quickly, easily, electronically – no data entry required.
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    When everything is said and done, mobilePLUS also offers you a complete data log that provides an audit trail of all activities that occurred. This data can assist in activity review, asset analysis, troubleshooting, and more. It can be a valuable tool for understanding what happened, where, and when.
Your asset data is collected at the asset & communicated directly into FI$Cal.

If you’ve imagined an inventory without spreadsheets, data errors, recounts, arguments, and headaches – then you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at mobilePLUS for FI$Cal

Why use mobilePLUS for FI$Cal?

The philosophy that started mobilePLUS is to put people at the center of the solution.  In our twenty years as a team, it has been our mission to make lives easier for the people tasked with doing data collection work – and the people tasked with using that the data after the input.

mobilePLUS for FI$Cal is focused on the ease of the task and the integrity of the data.  These two elements go hand in hand when it comes to ensuring that your FI$Cal solution contains accurate information for whatever your agency needs – when they need it.

Some Other Things to Consider

Part of keeping a solution easy to use is ensuring that it flexes and accommodates the changing needs of your Department.  Assets may be constantly on the move and your team may be juggling a lot of different tasks and requirements.  But when it comes to complying with your inventory requirements, mobilePLUS for FI$Cal can help:

  • Regardless of asset markings in linear barcodes, 2d barcodes or RFID
  • Without network coverage required wherever the assets are located
  • With intuitive user screens to guide your team so you don’t have to spend a ton of time on training and support
  • Increase confidence in the integrity of the data that you enter.

FI$Cal is a powerful solution used across the State of California. mobilePLUS for FI$Cal is a part of that solution that can streamline your inventories and ensure that the results data that you provide is as accurate and timely.

Investment in assets is often the highest expense for organizations – just behind labor.
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