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A Grateful Celebration of Independence Day

Since its earliest conception as the Logistics Division of iLevy & Associates, HL Group has been delivering barcode, RFID, and automated solutions to the government.  While this has been a highly successful venture for us, it also provided satisfaction because of our solutions’ role in times of need.

Some of those successes included helping a major federal agency respond quickly to the anthrax scare in the early 2000s.  Another was part of a rapid response to creating hardening kits for Humvees that saved countless lives.  We were also able to assist in both the equipment reset process for the DOD and logistical support.

We are grateful to our clients for giving us the chance to play a role in their efforts, challenges, and missions.  Many agencies in our government continue to stand on the front lines protecting us, not only militarily but also in diplomatic and humanitarian efforts.  Working with them has provided our team with so much fulfillment and pride when we see what we do matters.

Thank you to our customers, government, and citizens for creating, supporting, and growing our nation to be the best we can be.  It is not without blemishes or mistakes, but a humility for recognizing and overcoming.

I firmly believe that we are the greatest nation in the world, and we need to appreciate and celebrate it.

From our team to yours, we wish you a very happy Independence Day.

“The United States is the only country with a known birthday…. There is no ‘Republican,’ no ‘Democrat,’ on the Fourth of July—all are Americans.”

–James G. Blaine