Asset Management Solution Saves Hundreds of Millions


A federal agency with hundreds of locations worldwide required a solution to improve visibility and management of their internal assets.


This agency has over five million assets to manage across 300 locations worldwide. Their asset budget alone was in excess of over one billion dollars annually. The agency desired a solution to automate inventory and asset management activities. It also needed to provide integrated communication with their ERP – their system of record for all assets. Finally, the solution needed to be easy to use with minimum training, particularly with much of their staff being foreign nationals


HL Group created a solution with our mobilePLUS product to meet the agency’s multiple needs. This solution provided the integrated communication with the ERP – effectively extending the reach of the ERP into the hands of the users in the field. Existing industrial handhelds were leveraged to minimize investment requirements. The integration between the ERP and the Assets solution ensured the agency could be confident that the asset data in the ERP was accurate. Ease of use also increases accuracy, so the extensive documentation and training materials offered with the Asset product were helpful in accelerating the launch of the solution – and allowing the agency to easily support the worldwide solution.


The solution has actually been in place for over 15 years and has driven over $300M dollars in savings. It has gone through four technology refreshes in accommodation of changing environments, security needs, and technology evolvement – and it continues to be the cornerstone in their asset management activities. This federal organization has received multiple awards for their positive results in improving asset management and plans to rely on this solution well into the future.