RFID & Workday Business Assets
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RFID with Workday Business Assets

There has never been more interest than today to leverage this unique data capture technology based on RFID tags.  Having the ability to bulk capture your tag information without proximity or line-of-sight offers some significant benefits for most organizations.  Being able to leverage this technology with your Workday Business Asset application – without requiring changes – is extremely valuable.

This past week, we provided an update of this capability to the Workday Product Development team.  It’s offered in v4.4 of mobilePLUS for Workday, our mobile inventory solution for Workday.  We demonstrated the addition of RFID tags as a physical inventory option that had zero impact on the Workday host tenant.  The only investment required to add RFID for a mobilePLUS Workday customer is the readers and the tags.

You can find additional information regarding the benefits of this technology here.  With a minimal cost and effort – and 100% retention of your current Workday investment, you can leverage RFID today or at any point in the future alongside your Workday Business Assets activities.

HL Group, Inc. is a Workday Emerging Partner.  We have provided barcode and RFID-based solutions for supply chain and asset management applications for over 20 years.  Our market focus is on government, healthcare, education, and commercial organizations.