Should I Buy It Or Build It? – A Common Solution Dilemma
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Should I Buy It Or Build It? – A Common Solution Dilemma

We frequently field the question of Buy vs. Build from clients seeking a mobile solution for their asset and unique items management.  We understand. It’s the type of decision that most of us as individuals – or in our jobs – will weigh as we seek the best outcomes personally or for our businesses.

An important factor we address in Buy vs. Build discussions is ensuring an understanding of the total effort to achieve an effective solution, initially and over time.

While the cost to create is often considered, there are many elements often overlooked.  Development cost is, of course, important – but there are other things to consider.

There are several components required for the successful implementation and sustainment of a solution.  These efforts and costs should play a critical role in a Buy or Build decision – not to mention the ROI against the original purpose.  Several of these areas are discussed here.

“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”   Tony Robbins

Ultimately, when all the analysis is complete, the answer to this question of Buy vs. Build becomes easier to answer.  It comes down to:

  • Value of Outcome: The justification for the solution – speed to achieve & duration of value
  • Time, Effort & Cost to Implement:  From start to finish for a production environment, including lost Outcome Value for any delays
  • Effort & Cost to Sustain over Multiple Years: Includes functional/technical/security updates as well as ongoing support

Working through this analysis has proven to be a positive experience for our customers – and ourselves – as it helps to establish very strong goals and procedures for maximum success.

“As soon as you step back and focus on the big picture, you easily make new choices, discover the peace that comes with greater patience, and formulate creative, effective strategies to move in the right direction.”   Brian Biro

Clear goals and direction, along with good communications and flexibility, are the foundations of a successful project and relationship.

HL Group has supplied our mobilePLUS asset and unique item inventory solution in the government, higher education, healthcare, and commercial markets for over 20 years.  This includes pre-configured applications for Workday, PeopleSoft, DPAS, and other host platforms.

We would welcome an opportunity to work with your organization to review the “Buy vs. Build” factors surrounding inventory and operational needs for managing your fixed assets.