mobilePLUS & EAM

Approaching Assets – The Enterprise View

A critical part of effectively running an organization is ensuring that you have what you need where you need it – and in optimal condition. You can’t do that if you’ve lost sight of your assets.

Keeping track of ALL of your assets is not an easy task. You may have multiple locations across a building – or around the globe. You may have staff that has different needs for the items that they use – or a variety of other nuances that you may need to address.

The Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) approach may contain multiple applications or systems that you use to manage your assets. There may be ERPs, operations or maintenance systems, and even systems that you’ve developed internally. They often excel at their tasks, but it may be challenging getting accurate and timely (trustworthy) data into them.

If you don’t trust the data – how can you make critical decisions?

The key to trusting your asset data is to get that information into your systems quickly – and be confident that the data has been generated from a recent, in-person view of the asset itself.

Build on What You Have

If you’re unsure of your data, the answer isn’t necessarily to throw out what you have. The components of your EAM play essential roles in your organization – you invested in them for a reason.

You can leverage those systems – and likely mobile devices that you already own – to improve your asset management decisions. mobilePLUS, a mobile asset audit solution, offers a way to collect information about your assets, at your asset’s location, and deliver that information back to all of the right tools in your EAM.

mobilePLUS works with major industrial mobile device providers – so it likely works with ones that you may already have in-house. If not already certified, your devices can be quickly tested for use.

mobilePLUS also leverages APIs and standard data formats for data communication. This approach enables a single scan to feed multiple systems in your EAM simultaneously – in the format that those systems require.

Understand Your EAM

The purpose of mobilePLUS is to collect accurate asset data for your EAM. After all, your EAM can’t help you to determine the optimal use of your assets if it doesn’t have solid data coming in.

Before you add a mobile data collection solution like mobilePLUS, consider revisiting the details surrounding your EAM. Get to know what you have and where you have it. Only then can you determine the best next steps to get to optimal use of your EAM – and get the most from that investment.

Begin by reviewing these:

The Components
  • What are all of the systems or applications of my existing EAM?
  • What is the job of each EAM application?
  • How does each piece need to receive data? And at what frequency?
The Inventory Processes
  • What inventory procedures are currently in place for the EAM systems?
  • How are these procedures and other information about your EAM being communicated to your team?
  • Are the processes uniform & being followed?
The Devices
  • Are there already devices in use in any part of the EAM?
  • What are they & why were they chosen for that job?
  • Are they used by specific parts of the EAM? Are they shared across the EAM?
The Team
  • Who works with your EAM?
  • Do they work with specific components?
  • Who manages them?

The beauty of a solid EAM is the global asset view that it provides – and the critical asset details that it maintains.  A periodic review of your EAM can help you to optimize those results (and your investment) across the enterprise.

mobilePLUS and your EAM

mobilePLUS is a mobile data collection solution for your fixed business asset inventories.  It has a flexible architecture that enables a single point of capture to feed data to any or all of the system applications that make up your EAM.

The power behind mobilePLUS is its ability to generate accurate, trustworthy and timely data.  The entire process of capture, review, and communication to your EAM applications is electronic – and quick.  The result is that the quality of the data each EAM system contains improves – which means better results across your overall asset management.

Each application in your EAM may have different data requirements, may leverage different devices or equipment, and may be used by different members of your staff.  mobilePLUS was designed to complement these differences by providing one platform that is:

  • capable of communicating with each part of your EAM
  • certified for use with the leading mobile device products
  • configurable to your specific EAM environment – without requiring custom code
  • intuitive to use across your staff, regardless of the level of their experience
  • easy to manage within your existing IT environment, databases, networks, and security protocols

mobilePLUS provides you with one platform to deliver the highest quality of data for any or all of your EAM system applications.

The Components

A pre-built solution package that includes:
  • Mobile Device

    Leverages Android or Windows 10 mobile devices and has pre-built communications with the mobilePLUS Network IIS component.

  • mobilePLUS

    The pre-configured application provides all of the functionality in one package — certified for use with SQL Databases, Windows IIS Servers, and Windows 10 and Android Tablets.

  • Remote Services

    All of the services for tagging, configuration, installation assistance, training, and go-live support are available immediately — and without travel costs or health risks.

  • Next Generation

    Periodic post-implementation reviews of the Client solution are conducted to determine if any enhancements or changes may improve results — with no impact on previous investment in dollars or resources.

Other things to consider

  • Flexibility in Coverage: mobilePLUS was designed to work independently of a network. So regardless of the environment or level of network coverage available where your assets reside, mobilePLUS can get the information that your EAM needs.
  • Flexibility in Management: mobilePLUS won’t disrupt the workload of your EAM application teams. The solution package can be implemented remotely and prepared for your environment via configurations – not customizations. No outside experts needed.
  • Flexibility in Markings: The mobilePLUS solution was designed to work with standard barcodes, 2D barcodes and RFID. You can leverage whatever markings make the most sense with your individual assets – all with a single mobilePLUS solution.
  • Flexibility in Training: mobilePLUS is a packaged solution. It comes with all of the tools that you need to bring your staff up to speed on use quickly. Training can be delivered whenever, wherever you see fit – by you. No outside staff required.

As you are considering improving your EAM with mobilePLUS, here is some additional information that may be helpful:

The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.
Carly Fiorina