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The Changing Shape of Labor

Lately, it seems that nearly any conversation I have with my peers, customers, or partners includes discussing the challenge of finding good people.  Never mind the limited prospect of finding employees at an acceptable cost.  The labor market facing the U.S and the world has been changing for over fifty years, and it is now a challenge that can’t go ignored.

BLS Workforce Survey

I recently came across an excellent paper on this subject (Demographic Drought: How the Approaching Sansdemic Will Transform the Labor Market for the Rest of Our Lives).   While it seems a little long, I think that it is well worth your time to read.  The link includes an introductory video (approximately three minutes long) and a summary of the eBook – in addition to the book itself.  The paper’s goal is a combination of awareness and a wake-up call for all of us to look at how we can deal with this unavoidable situation.

The Automation Option

One of an organization’s key options in addressing this current and growing challenge is looking to automation to augment your labor force.  Automation can improve the outcome of certain labor needs today and provide a buffer against future requirements.

Necessity is the mother of invention  ~Plato

Technology by itself isn’t the answer, but when bundled with the other key components of an automated solution (software, services, etc.), it can become a game-changer.  With the right decision and implementation, it can address your labor challenge and provide better operational guidance.

The Issue of Assets

While labor may be the largest operating expenditure for an organization, fixed assets are typically the second.  They easily represent one of the largest annual operating expenditures for any organization.  Because of that, they also represent one of the quickest and strongest areas for paybacks with automation.

One of those areas is physical awareness and tracking.  With a minimal investment in money and time, automation can drive high returns almost immediately.

For example, our mobilePLUS solution is one of those technology options that can accomplish both missions associated with the investment:

  • Improved Labor Utilization – Reduce the time and effort to harvest better asset data and know what you have with confidence.
  • Improved Asset Expenditures – Reduce your operating costs and future spending by maximizing the life of your earlier asset investments.


The challenges that organizations are facing with the current Labor Market are not looking to change anytime soon.  But there are options to consider that will enable your team to meet your missions while navigating this situation.

Contact us to discuss options surrounding your asset management.  We welcome the opportunity to prove how we could positively impact your asset investments and alleviate their current labor requirements.