RFID in the Palm of Your Hand
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The Power of RFID in the Palm of Your Hand

RFID is one of those technologies that, while impressive, seems like it would be out of reach.  Questions that may come to mind might include:

  • How would it benefit my team?
  • Isn’t it expensive to implement?
  • I don’t have time to ramp up on yet another technologyDT Research 362GL

What if I told you that you could have it in the palm of your hand – today?  Actually, you may already have it in your DT Research Rugged Tablet.

The RFID Solution in Your Hands – Literally

RFID is available now.  It’s no longer that out-of-reach, expensive technology that it once was.  You don’t need to make big infrastructure investments to get started.  In fact, if you have (or are considering) an industrial tablet, RFID options are available that turn your mobile device into a powerful data collection tool.

Why consider RFID?

With today’s economic, supply chain, and labor resource challenges, we all need to be getting creative with how and where we leverage our assets and technologies.

We can help.  Contact us to review how RFID may benefit your assets – and your organization.