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The Election is over – Now Back to Business As Usual

If someone asks me what the day after voting is, I tell them Wednesday.  That is because while I expressed my desires the day before with my vote, life has to move on.  We still need to worry about how we’re going to eat, have a roof over our heads and just live.

I figured out that I have had the opportunity to be involved in 25 federal elections and many more local elections.  I never miss a chance to exercise my freedom by participating in each one.

No matter what candidate or proposition won, the day after each election – life went on.

Elections are about our opportunity to express our interests and contribute to the outcome – we should value this freedom.  While any process and results aren’t perfect, they will provide a better direction than what we alone think or care about.

My thoughts on elections – and personal or business decisions, for that matter – are based on three principles:

  • Trust the Process – Create a method to harvest the quality data you need for the desired result. While it won’t be perfect, it will give you better direction than no hard data at all.
  • Accept the Results – What we end up with at the end of the process may not be what we thought it would be – but it is trustworthy (because of the process). The entire event was conducted to get data we could trust  – regardless of our preferred outcomes.
  • Plan Accordingly – Having trustworthy data resulting from a trusted process allows us to make the best decisions. Live with the facts – not what we wanted the facts to be – will provide the best outcomes.

Our mobilePLUS solution deals with assisting organizations to better manage their assets and key resources.  Taking the guesswork out of your data maximizes the financial and operational impact these resources can provide and provides the process and results you can trust.

Regardless of where the election results find you this week, our collective challenge is to refocus on our families, lives, and jobs – and get back into our “Usual.”