Team Facing Challenges in Automation Decisions
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Three Other Challenges in Automation Decisions

Have you ever been on the buying end of a solution for your organization (or been part of the team that has)?

Looking at the options available can be interesting – even exciting – and often overwhelming.  There are probably features/functions/capabilities you didn’t know were possible.

And while you’re trying to swim through all of the information pouring out of another website or white paper or demo – and determine how any of it would look for your team – you might start feeling your stress levels increase.

Will any of this even work for us?  How can we possibly get our users on board – never mind the IT team we want to install it?

You may have thoroughly studied your needs, researched the options, and maybe even conducted some pilots.  Still, when you’re the sponsor or part of the team on the decision, and it comes to putting your name on the recommendation, it can feel like putting your badge on the line.

It’s no wonder 40-60% of solution decisions end with a non-decision.

Most people assume that customers decide that the status quo isn’t that bad – or at least not bad enough to change.  While that may be the case occasionally, the three most common reasons for not moving forward have to do with fear of failure, burden, and value.

I’m going to dig into this a little deeper over the next few posts.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your experiences – from either side – buying or selling.  What has held you back from moving forward?  What are you hearing from customers?  When the numbers are 40-60% – we’ve all been part of this in some way.