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A Lesson in Turkeys and Service

Shortly before or after reading this, you may be trying to wrap up whatever work you need to get done before you make that last trip to the grocery store and/or pick up your uncle from the airport or get on the road yourself for the holiday.

But I’d like to encourage you to take a moment to ask yourself a simple question:

Are you a turkey person?


I’ve been following John O’Leary’s posts for a while – because he always has some nuggets or words that just inspire me.  His post on Monday was no different.  It caught my attention with this simple question.

Are you a turkey person?

I won’t go into all the details – because it is a great story that I encourage you to read.  But the question comes from a reference to giving and service.

Are you a person who shows up once a year, drops off a turkey (or whatever) for donation, then goes on your way?  Or are you committed to some kind of service to others?  If you haven’t hit the link to the story yet, that drop-off person is called a “turkey person” in the story.

I’ll admit, I’ve had my moments of being a turkey person.  And I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to assume that most of us have.

But there’s something amazing that can happen to our communities, to our businesses, to our relationships, and to ourselves when we show up and commit to others.  I’ve personally experienced this – and I know others on my team have too.

Again, I encourage you to read John’s post – I think you’ll find it as inspiring as I did.

And while you’re thinking about those things you’re grateful for this year, you might also think about an area or two in your life where maybe you’ve been a turkey person.

You never know where a change in your approach may take you.