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Workday Business Assets – A Mobile Option is Available Today

mobilePLUS joins a select group of software applications enabled for use in conjunction with Workday’s ERP applications.  mobilePLUS extends the reach of your Workday Business Assets out into the field where those asset items exist.  Together, we ensure an organization’s maximum visibility and management of one of their largest investments.

HL Group, one of Workday’s newest Emerging Partners, worked directly with Workday, financial industry leaders, Workday customers, and our partner Makse Group to build our mobilePLUS for Workday solution.

We built this solution by starting with reviewing what a mobile asset solution for Workday may need – and why.  The resulting configuration efforts behind mobilePLUS for Workday ensure the review results were not only addressed but that clients would receive the greatest benefit and value possible from their Workday investment.

Coupling Workday’s Business Assets unique values with mobilePLUS’s ability to leverage the latest technologies in both mobile devices and tags (including RFID) is the key to maximizing your asset investment.  Fixed assets represent one of the largest operating investments in many organizations – if not the largest.  Better management of this investment can offer significant returns – and quickly.

Already engaged with several Workday clients, HL Group is looking forward to providing success similar to what our customers with PeopleSoft have experienced.  Teaming with Workday and their unique customer-minded culture has positioned all of us for overall success, including our customers, Workday, Makse Group.