Start to make changes in the new year
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New Year, New Start – Making Changes

The past year may not have gone according to your plan.  Most (at least mine) rarely do.

What is the old saying?  “We plan, God laughs.”

New years are always a time of reflection and planning.  Many good things happened – but there are things I’d like to do differently this year (spend less, waste less time, make healthier choices).

You may be doing some of the same reflecting and planning in your organization.  And just like in those personal changes, there are a few steps to take to turn them from wish to reality.

Understand where you are now. Take a little to truly understand your status now (this will help to eliminate surprises or challenges later).

Clearly define your goal. Do you have a detailed (measurable) understanding of what success will look like?  You’d be surprised how often this is a vague concept.  In my experience, hazy definitions get hazy results.

Make a plan.  What do you need to do to get to your goal?  Define what you need to do to move forward.  Bonus points if you identify the risks/challenges at different points and lay out what Plan B might look like to get you there.

SRR – Start/Review/Resume Action. Get started!  Sadly, many teams fall into the state of analysis paralysis and never get going.  Start taking the steps in your plan.  Yes, unplanned events, challenges, and even unexpected results will occur.  So periodically pause and review – maybe adjust – and then get back to it.

“A small act is worth a million thoughts.”   – A. Weiwei

These aren’t new or revolutionary steps, but they seem to be skipped or skimmed frequently.  It’s been my experience that this leads to less-than-ideal results.

These four steps are the same ones I use with our clients trying to make changes regarding their assets.  They may be seeking to make tracking easier, get more value from what they have, or just reduce spending.

If one of your goals this year is to make improvements around your assets, we can help.

Contact us for a free consultation to review the current state of things and what you’d like to improve.  We’ll provide you with some feedback and direction – and if we’re a good fit, we can have you up and running with a solution in a matter of days.

There are enough things beyond our control.  But your goals for the new year – and your assets – don’t have to be in that category.