Beating Our Old Record
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Beating Our Old Record – Ready in an hour for training & production transition

A key factor behind the mobilePLUS group of products’ design was ensuring that we could get our users up and running quickly.  Many business systems require months for implementation – especially when they work with major systems like Workday, PeopleSoft, FI$Cal, DPAS, and others. We’ve prided ourselves in being able to transition users into production within just days.

Well, we just beat our old record!   In our ongoing solution development packaging, we worked with a partner firm to establish an Azure cloud implementation.  We accomplished the entire installation and set up of the database, network component, and client application in under an hour!

I always thought records were there to be broken.          ~Michael Schumacher

The Criticality of Time

The mission of most software companies is to deliver its solution efficiently and effectively.  After all, until a system is delivered and in use – it doesn’t provide value.  Organizations don’t have the luxury to wait weeks, months, or even years for a fully implemented solution – much less incur the associated cost and effort that goes along with these implementations.

When HLG transitioned from a system integrator to a software manufacturer, we examined the implementation challenges for ourselves and our customers. We used that information to determine how we could improve the overall client experience.  Rapid deployment was an essential aspect of the effort – but not the only one.

A Complete Solution

Nothing completes a successful solution more than excellent customer experiences.  The experience extends beyond the software application – no matter how powerful its functionality.  For a truly exceptional solution, you need the implementation, transition, and support services to surround that product.

All of those factors have been included in our mobilePLUS solution.  Our packaged mobile inventory solution can be fully implemented (complete with our training program) in just one day – and all done remotely.  This still enables our customers to complete additional tailoring to align with their organization’s business practices whenever needed, with no disruption or re-training required.

Delivering a solution selected by a client one week and in production the next is a big deal for us.  It not only ensures fast value to our clients – but also lowers the cost and risk in gaining those results.

The big thing in life is to focus on providing more value to people than they expect.  The rest comes then.          ~James Altucher

Our investment in providing customers better tools for ownership and utilization has a similar benefit for us.  After all, productive customers are happy customers.

There are many aspects to a complete solution.  If you would like me to send you a Snapshot on our mobilePLUS functionality, the implementation experience, or even preparing a tagging/data strategy, please email me at We’re proud of our story and especially our wins (improvements, really) like setting new records!