Rising Costs
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A Three-Prong Approach to Address Rising Costs

Like everything else these days, IT costs are on the rise.  It’s not surprising given supply chain challenges and growing inflation.  Salary demands are also on the rise while labor market demographics are changing.

As a company, our mission is to help our clients save time and money when it comes to managing their business assets.  Naturally, I want to avoid raising prices on our products and services in response to our own rising costs.  So internally, we employ the same tactics that we recommend for our clients:

  • Review Processes for Efficiency – Does what you’re doing now deliver the best results? Is there a better/easier/more efficient approach?  While process review may only happen during times of crisis or opportunity, it can be a great way to identify where you can save some costs.
  • Re-organize Labor for Maximum Value – Once you review those processes, can you realign your resource needs? Along with process review, labor asset utilization is another place to save.  This can also be particularly helpful if you’re having a hard time getting those open positions filled.  (Did I mention we’re hiring?)
  • Improving Non-product Costs – Where else can we save? Software costs, for example, are only a component of a solution cost.  Are there other elements or approaches to the solution itself that can be rethought to keep the overall investment down?

Our philosophy is that rising costs must be offset with additional savings, where possible.  We apply this to our own organization – and help our customers do the same.  We’re all about helping our customers optimize asset utilization and investment, and the last thing we want to do is become part of our client’s inflationary issues.  Instead, we see our role as a valuable resource.

Market challenges, like what we’re all experiencing today, offer all of us the opportunity to review, change or initiate practices that can best address these situations.  I have found that there can be a lot of positive results from these efforts.  And, these changes traditionally offer value long after whatever we’re facing diminishes or stabilizes.

Thankfully, at HL Group, we’ve avoided raising our software costs – and we’ve experienced some unexpected benefits.  After conducting some of the exercises I talked about earlier, we were able to make changes and implement some remarkable advances in our product, mobilePLUS, and how we go to market.

We’ve helped organizations experience better asset utilization using internal business systems or large ERPs like Workday.  We’ve also worked with DOD operations working with DPAS.  Regardless of your core solution for your assets – we can provide you with a tool and an approach that can help you meet today’s market challenges.

We’ve been helping teams save time and money for over twenty years – and we can help you.