The Steps to RFID
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The Steps to Take to Get to RFID

RFID has been with us for several decades, yet it has never had the impact originally envisioned.  Several factors have slowly been overcome to where it does offer that excitement today.

When you add a new tool or technology to your business, there are many factors to consider – RFID is no different.  Here’s some information that may be useful when reviewing what might work best for your organization:

The Approach:  What should I use?

When RFID was first introduced, it was almost entirely focused on using portals to read the tags.  This required both a significant investment in infrastructure and in managing the data.  The mobile options were cumbersome, limited, and without any applications.  Mobile vs. Portal provides some additional background and considerations on how you might approach RFID.

The Investment:  How much will this cost?

There have been numerous advancements in the mobile use of RFID in the past 20 years.  Not only are there better use cases, but there have also been significant impacts to the cost and effort to implement.  We review many of these changes in The Low Cost & Effort to Implement a Mobile RFID Solution.

The Steps:  What do I need to do?

If and when you want to consider using RFID in your business processes, you need to run a number of the usual project planning exercises, plus a few extra.  While RFID is an integral part of the new project, it comes with its own set of uniqueness that must be considered.  Our project team has outlined a number of things you need to consider for this type of venture in Getting Started with RFID.


HL Group appreciates our role with RFID technologies since the late ’90s and is proud of how our mobilePLUS solution is a game-changer in the mobile use of this technology.  It has enabled us to enhance both our Workday and DOD bundles with RFID as an option.

We encourage you to explore RFID for your organization – and are happy to help you get started.