Facts are still critical to decisions
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Are You Basing Your Decisions on Facts or Feelings?

It is often difficult to determine fact from fiction in today’s world of immediate, broadcasted information.  Flip to any 24-hour “news” station, and you’ll find as much (if not more) content based on the host’s opinions or feelings – than on actual facts.  As a result, we need to research and explore backstories and context to get a clear understanding of information.

I am a fan of Thomas Sowell and recently read Jason Riley’s biography of him, “Maverick.”  There is also a good documentary about him that I recommend – Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World.  As you may surmise by the titles, Mr. Sowell believes in using facts – which don’t always make him popular, just correct.

Facts & Feelings

Taking the time to harvest the information (facts) we need for a decision can be tedious and time-consuming.  The difference is that the outcome from decisions based on facts versus those based on feelings (opinions) can be quite different.

The key to this fact-gathering activity is how much effort, cost, and timing will play into your success.  The greater the investment in any one of these areas – the greater the risk that you won’t have the facts you need for your decisions.  Then feelings are left to fill in the gaps.

Your Asset Facts

When it comes to your organization’s investment in fixed assets, facts vs. feelings can have a significant financial impact.  After all, fixed assets are generally the second-highest annual operational expenditure after labor in most organizations.  Improving your management of these investments can have an immediate financial impact on your organization, especially in these challenging times.

Instead of going with gut feelings on the status of your assets, consider mobilePLUS.  We’ve built our solution around making understanding the facts of your assets quick, easy, and accurate.

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