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Evolution vs. Transformation

Everyone resists change.  Most of the time, it seems it is because accepting change requires an investment of effort.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

​–​ Henry Ford

It’s not like playing the lottery, where a ticket purchase could enact a huge change (we hope).  But the odds of the lottery working on a single purchase are ridiculously low – so even that would require a consistent investment of tickets!

One of the many challenges Covid brought us was the need to rethink how we do business, especially in relation to the workforce and transportation.  People who never understood what a supply chain was before 2020 certainly understand it now.

While the consumer faced some changes (toilet paper, anyone?), the abrupt shift in the world was a death blow to some businesses.

As we came out of the pandemic, the world did not return to where things were in 2019.   Most of us have been forced to rethink operations with less staff and reconsider overall processes, dependencies, and risk/reward in general.

Many investments made in automation to meet these challenges have reaped large rewards.

“Automation is not a replacement for humans; it is a tool to amplify human potential.” – Unknown

It’s always tempting to rush into new tools.  But automation for the sake of automating a process by itself is not the answer.  First, it’s critical is establish your goals.  That will enable you to prioritize your investments.  Look to which ones have the largest benefit, lowest risk, quickest return, and other factors.

HL Group focuses on the world of key asset management – whether tracking and maintaining visibility and/or compliance reporting.  Automating how we accomplish these goals can drive immediate benefits with a relatively low investment.  Producing quality information with fewer resourceslabor & time – can enormously impact your operation and investment.

Rethinking operations is another step in our evolution as a world, just as we’ve seen a tremendous history of benefits from these changes.

If you’re interested in how our mobilePLUS solution can have an immediate impact on your bottom line in just a few days, let us know.