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Our Approach to the Ultimate Goal – A Quick ROI

Making a decision on a software solution can take time.  It doesn’t matter if the solution is for the whole organization or just a department.  There’s research and review of the situation that we’re dealing with – and the options and approaches that we have.  It takes a little while.

When we finally get to the point of making a decision – then we want it yesterday.  Why wouldn’t we?  We have a problem to solve, a business to improve, a job to be done – right now.  It’s that way in everything else in life, why would a new software solution be any different?

The Traditional Solution Model

For years, we’ve used a phrase around HL Group that you may have seen before:

“You can have it fast.  You can have it cheap.  You can have it good.  Pick two.”

That saying holds true with the traditional services model that you usually see in most software implementations.  If it’s delivered fast & cheap – it won’t be as good.  If you want it cheap & good – it will take time.  Fast and good – well, that can be expensive.  It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with an ERP or a targeted mobile asset solution – the saying has generally held true.

In today’s competitive world, we believe that the presence of ALL THREE elements needs to be the new standard that’s set for any new solution deployment.


Who isn’t anxious to start harvesting the value of your investment for a new automation tool to assist your business?  You’ve just had the “signing party” – wouldn’t it be amazing if you started experiencing results while you were still excited about the solution decision?  Never mind the fact that you bought the solution because there was a need – right now.


Every software investment decision is like any other you make in your business or professional life.  It needs to be relevant with its conception (with software, on time and on budget is key) while still providing a long term value (total cost of ownership).  Since very few of us are blessed with unlimited funds – the cheaper the overall costs & investments, the better.  Having a planned and accurate investment strategy is mandatory.


Quality is the cornerstone to a successful transition from any software solution to a production environment.  Introducing a tool to an employee that doesn’t work well or has holes in its use can produce any number of issues impacting everything from productivity to employee morale.  Being able to easily configure a solution to “fit your business” and then delivering it on the right tools, with the right training and solid support is the key to success the first time around.


The mobilePLUS Approach

HL Group is proud of the investment we’ve made in making mobilePLUS a leading mobile inventory solution.  What makes it world class isn’t just its configurable functionality and personalization – but also all of the other factors that bring it together as a fully packaged solution.

That packaged solution includes automated scripts for installation, bundled training courses, extensive documentation and personalized support.  Our goal was to provide the benefits of a customized implementation – but delivered within a few days, not weeks and/or months.

Your software solution is an investment and the sooner it pays dividends, the better your overall ROI.

We have a strong history with ERP’s including Workday, PeopleSoft and SAP.  We’ve worked extensively in the DOD (DPAS, pRFID, AIT, LMP) and also other commercial and government organizations (California, Tennessee, NASA).  The mobilePLUS packaged solution and our approach were built out of these experiences.

Please contact us if you would like to better understand how mobilePLUS could impact your bottom line with a much stronger ROI than you might expect.


Wes Haubein is the President of HL Group, Inc., a premier provider of mobile asset inventory management, RFID and supply chain solutions.  He writes regularly about management, solution integration and technology.