Robust Item Control Across Hundreds of Locations


A federal agency with hundreds of locations, varied environments, needed a means to track specialized items based on scheduled intervals or on-demand.


While it’s impossible to achieve 100% control over a large number of assets scattered across many locations – that was the challenge for this federal agency. They need to maintain the highest possible visibility of unique assets and were looking for a way to automate the capture process while decreasing the effort and time required to track their asset inventory. These efforts also needed to include an intuitive method to update or add items as they were identified during field activities.

Additionally, this agency had the challenges of implementing and later supporting, a solution across multiple locations and time zones. They also wished to leverage their existing industrial handheld computers. Strategically, this entire, distributed solution needed to be driven by their system of record, their ERP solution.


We were able to deliver a solution leveraging our mobilePLUS application. We implemented the mobilePLUS product, tailored it to accommodate their unique requirements in for the remote inventory process, while maintaining integrated ERP communications. A few different versions of the solution were created to support the use of various devices in the field. Each device had slightly different requirements, but the solution versions were delivered in a manner that was easy to support. The end result was an overall solution that leveraged the tools and data of their ERP system, their existing investment in devices and their trained personnel.


The first mobilePLUS solution activity accomplished an end-to-end inventory event that produced 99+% accuracy in results. This activity included the creation of the inventory events for each of their locations, conducting the physical inventory with the handheld devices and then completing the reconciliation of the data in their ERP. These results have continually improved as they build on the previous activity success and the user comfort with the solution increases.