ERP Asset Inventory for Improved Results with Less Labor


A federal agency with manufacturing, distribution and administrative locations across the U.S. conducting annual audits of their fixed assets for their ERP.


This agency needed to inventory thousands of fixed assets scattered across multiple locations using their existing workforce. The previous solution was paper-based with manual entry into their financial system which created numerous errors coupled with all the labor this approach required.

The goal was to have an ERP integrated solution that allowed the worked to use mobile automation and AIT markings to increase the quality of their work and labor required to harvest this information.


We implemented our mobilePLUS solution that was tightly integrated with their ERP financial system. This enables them to use their existing tools in their ERP for the creation, tracking and reconciliation of the mobile audits. This insured they maintained their ERP as the system of record and mobilePLUS was an extension of that environment. This was accomplished with no additional infrastructure hardware investment outside the acquisition of the mobile devices for the actual field inventory efforts.


The mobilePLUS solution has delivered on all their goals since 2003 when first implemented. In the past 15 years the agency has gone through 2 upgrades and a hardware refresh with little to no assistance from us to accomplish this.