Statewide Approach to Fixed Asset Inventory


A state government that provides a common ERP financial system to all of their agencies and departments.


The state is moving from each department having its own non-ERP compatible to a common option available to them a single organization. This is an ongoing improvement effort along with their other ERP operational initiatives to improve the quality, turnaround and use of this data for financial management reporting and decision.

The goal was to create a single environment that every department could leverage for state fixed asset information requirements. Additionally, they wanted each department to be able to leverage this capability for requirements above the statewide mandates


We create a single environment leveraging mobilePLUS that allowed each department to leverage when they were ready for using the states ERP financial system. This enables them to use the existing state furnished tools in their ERP for the creation, tracking and reconciliation of the mobile audits. The solution is also robust enough for 1000’s of users to be able to quickly get to their departments operational data while operating outside the states ERP firewall. This was accomplished with a common training and implementation plan for ease to transition and support.


The state is now able to provide this mobile asset inventory capability to all the departments that achieve their goals for accurate and timely data, while still providing the departments some customization capability. Its lost cost, effort, and risk for all parties to achieve their common and individual results.